Q & A

madddoggydawg writes on the Huffington Post: “why don’t women just climb the corporate ladder higher instead of complaining about how it’s someone else’s fault”

How much higher do us ladies have to climb, maddoggydawg?   What about Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg?   What about Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman? And, don’t forget the twenty women listed on Tech Crunch as more than qualified to serve on the board of a tech company.   As Harvard business school professor Clayton Rose says, “Some argue there are not enough people of color or women who have the skill sets to be able to adequately participate on boards.  I’ve looked at this and there’s nothing to that case.

Justin Chan writes on mashable.com: “Seriously, as long as the person (or the board) is talented and qualified, who cares if that’s a man or woman? If you care that much, you are racist.” 
 In 2011, there were 5508 board seats in the Fortune 500.  4620 of them were men.  Do you really believe that those 4620 men are more talented and qualified than any woman? 
Theresacopbehindme writes on Tech Crunch: “men are smarter than women in evry single category.”
OK, guess so.  
AndrewMcGivery writes on mashable.com “IT has long been a male dominated industry mostly because, not meaning to sound sexist, but the average woman just isn’t interested in being in IT.”
Look at Facebook’s board, and you’ll see that most of the directors are not even in IT.  One runs a newspaper.  Another was a former university president. 
ScottWeiner writes on the Huffington Post: “This is stupid. He created the company he get’s to pick the board.”
Scott Weiner, that is the same argument white restaurants owners gave in 1964 to explain why they shouldn’t have to serve black customers.  It was the same argument white businessmen gave to explain why they shouldn’t have to hire black employees.  Liberty for themselves >  justice for all.
But let’s go with it.  You’re a libertarian, right?  Well, Rand Paul argued against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because it was redundant:  the public outcry against such a business would be so strong that it would have to change.  We’re not asking for quotas, or government intervention. We’re asking for an outcry.  
TwoWAyZone writes on the Daily Beast: “I think that is what women do on boards, they take the fun away.”
Ugh. No more fun! #FML.

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